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never forget it. if i tell you, you'll forget it right away. and she was right. that's it for us today. we'll see all you premium members on the factor postgame show. we hope to see you again next time. the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you! [captioning made possible by fox news] sean: tonight -- >> the health care proposal needs to be killed now. >> while the president's away, the health care debate ranges on. >> glad i called on you, ma'am. thank you. sean: today the director threatens to quit after a showaltering match at the white house. we investigate oregon death panels. >> what are they going to do to me, huh? not like the governor of alaska. sean: david letterman is at it again. >> and here's what's on the reading list. sean: is the president planning to actually read the health care bill? all that plus governor tim pawlenty, and more. hannity starts right here right now. the president may ab way but the health care debate. continues to rage in his absence. our -- we go live to reston, virginia, where congressman howard dean is holding a meeting. >>
the democrats have compared those of us who oppose health care, they've compared us to nazis, they've called us brownshirts, crazed mobsters that are manufactured by the r.n.c. and now they're accusing people of being un-american, all in an effort to shut down dissent. so they steam rolled this bill through congress. will they be successful? this sounds as american as apple pie when people are speaking out. joining us now, the author of "the new york times" bestseller, "catastrophe," dick morris. drowning out opposing views is simply un-american. the d.n.c. called the american people mobsters. congressmen have referred to these people as being like tim mcveigh, nazis, political terrorists. and the president himself wants everyone to shut up. what are they thinking? >> well, they're not only going to shut them up, they're going to cut off debate with 50 votes in the senate and jam it through. look, this only worked when nixon did it, because the demonstrators were 18-year-olds with hair down to their ankles. sean: right. >> everybody said they're burning draft cards, they're un-american, and tha
the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. sean: is this a propaganda victory for kim jong il? all that and much more. it seems that more and more americans are speaking out against the direction in which democrats are now taking the country. that is our headline this wednesday night. outrage. unlike when it was members of the wrong party, democrats are chastising anybody with an opinion. the democratic national committee has released an advertisement calling protesters "an angry mob." let's take a look. >> the extremist republican base is back. they lost the election. they lost on the recovery act, the budget, and children's health care. they lost the confidence of the american people after eight years of failed policies that ruined our economy and cost millions of jobs. now, republicans and their allies are organizing angry mobs just like they did during the election. their goal is to destroy president obama and stop the change americans voted for overwhelmingly in november. >> it will break him. >> i hope he fails. >> this activity is street from the playbook of high-lev
this? nothing. i remember things different when george bush was in office. they used every vacation showing that he was lazy, reckless, and irresponsible. bob herbert chastised the president for taking a vacation while the country was at war. mr. president, there is a war on. he might consider hopping on a plan to washington. at the washington post the said that if he concentrates really hard and stays in shape regularly, that he will be able to summon a miracle. there was another person who spoke out against mr. bush's presidential vacations from the beginning. he said in 2001 -- sean: i wondered if he shared those thoughts with president obama. hear discussed this ridiculous double standard, the author of "catastrophe" dick morris. this is the land of the liberals, martha's vineyard. >> in 1993 and 1994 bill clinton took vacations in martha's vineyard. i told him going into the summer of '95, cut it out. the photographs of you and starlet's are not doing you any good. you look like a beverly hillbilly. he laughed. they want you to go to the rockies in camping on vacation. i tested
of corruption" are which remains number one on "the new york times" list, michelle malkin is back with us. i don't know what's wrong, saying people are un-american, saying they have swastika, or that reaction, it tells a lot. >> it is a teachable moment, to borrow president obama's favorite phrase. the imperiousness with which sheila jackson lee acts and these regal people in washington are completely disconnected from reality, sean. there's a constituent who took the time out of her day to come and ask questions and share her concerns, and sheila jackson lee is on the cell phone? hello. what was really amusing about it was her explanation in which she sniffed that in congress, you have to multitask. amazing. sean: that's multitasking. this is a woman with real concerns. we're trying here on this program, last night we had the woman who confronted arlen specter on the program, very powerful testimony she gave, in just a minute, we'll be joined by that elderly gentleman who had that confrontation who has a whole host of illnesses he's dealing with, he's going to join us. we're trying to give voic
to the u.s. aboard president clinton's airplane. -- they are en route back to the united states. thanks for being with us. nobody is unhappy here that these journalists were released korea we are all happy about it. we have got to ask one question though -- these journalists were released. we are all happy about it. i cannot see that the president would go if the deal was not arranged ahead of time. >> yes. i have two questions. one, how did they get there in the first place? how did they get there? whose idea was it to send these young women into north korea? and i do not understand it al gore made the response, but ultimately, he is responsible, and the only question we have now is what was offered or what was said in response for it. sean: is it a fair question -- did america, the united states of america, potentially give up something that we may not find out about for some time? >> i guess i am a little bit perplexed. i am not sure that there is something wrong with the former president getting on the plane today and knew that there was a deal that was done and that they were going
used the term "you have awakened the sleeping giant. that you are 35 years old. that you had never been interested in politics really up until recently. explain that. >> i don't know. this is very overwhelming to me. i didn't expect this reaction. you know, i wanted to go to the town hall meeting. i wanted to voice my opinion. you know, i have contacted arlen specter's office before via email, you know, voiced my opinion that way. this was finally an opportunity to be able to speak to him, you know, face to face. and now that i have had a chance to digest all of this. it's just been a really long day to be honest with you. i don't know how you and other people do this all the time. sean: i have been called every name and then some. this is one of the points i have been trying to make. you know, referring to people as nazis and brown shirts and political terrorists, you know, katy, you don't look like a mobster to me. i could give you a mob handle if you like. you are not part of any organized group, right? >> no. i mean we have friends that are like-minded. i was not paid by anybody. i
'm joined now by pollster, frank luntz is with us. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, sean. sean: why don't we -- we'll start our way and move our way backward, all right? let's go back. this is sergeant crowley immediately yesterday after the big beer brouhaha. here's what he had to say. >> we had a cordial and productive session with the president, vice president and professor gates. we have all agreed that it's important to look forward rather than backward. issues important to all of us will form the basis of discussions between professor gates and me in the days and weeks to come. professor gates and i bring different perspectives to these issues. and we have agreed that both perspectives should be addressed in an effort to provide a constructive outcome to the events of the past month. thank you. sean: obviously the officer has taken the high road. i don't think we could really learn anything if we don't look back. what do you think of the whole idea in the way this came down? no apologies came out of this. >> which is surprising to me. barack obama is very good when he needs to
no republican support, democrats might use reconciliation to pass it. they would need only 51 votes to push this through. when asked about the possibility of these measures, a spokesman said, "we are determined to get something done this year by any legislative means necessary." democrats are willing to turn their backs on the american people who put them in office. are they really that stupid? joining me is the chairman of the republican national committee. michael steele is back. welcome back to the program. "by any means necessary." does this mean that the will of the american people, as evidenced by every credible poll, means nothing to them? >> when has it ever mattered? this administration came in with an agenda and they are executing it. we have talked about, and you have pressed on this show, the fact that the leadership has already talked about incrementalism. we will come back to this piece later. we will go where we need to go. if it means the nuclear option, it means a nuclear option. bring it on. you have 60 seats in the senate. you have a 78-seat majority in the house. where a
show. we've talked here on "hannity" about sol lawinski. what are the tack taiex they're using? >> the tactics won't work because the american people are not stupid. the fact is the american people know this president is spending this nation into oblivion. the american people know that independent entities like the congressional budget office have said this is unsustainable. the american people know that the congressional budget office said not only is this health care plan unsustainable, it won't cover all the uninsured. and in addition to that, ladies and gentlemen, you will lose your private health care. so they don't want it. sean: and we know the models have failed wherever it's been tried. whether great britain or france or wherever it happens to be. >> russia. china. sean: where do we start? but the white house counsel, first of all, they send these politicians out with these almost moronic talking points. they got laughed at, mocked and ridiculed. but now they're promising, we see that acorn is showing up. we see the unions are showing up. and they promise "to send out
as well. sean: senator mccain is getting ready for another town hall in phoenix and he joins us now. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. sean: i did not see a lot of contentiousness, ia mob, but you expect a pretty heated exchange tonight. >> i do, but i think that the majority of people want a respectful exchange. the essence of the town hall is to listen to people's opinions and have them listen to yours. i hope they will be respectful but if not, i have had over 1000 of them so i can handle it. sean: i think that you can handle it. we were talking about this. if we were to look at ratings in television and radio, these are election-year numbers. i have been on radio since 1986 and they don't think i have ever seen passion like this. we have been on the fox news channel since we started in 1996. have you seen passion like this from the citizenry speaking out before? >> never. there is a peaceful revolution taking place. there is a grass-roots uprising the likes of which i have never seen. there is anger and concern about the future. there is concern about to be unconsci
into a discussion about whether or not he was putting people down. one audience member said "why are you putting us down?" we don't have that video. you open it up by talking about the public auction. i was able to talk with barney frank about the public auction. i asked him if he would sign a bill that does not include a public auction and he said that that is in discussion. he is negotiating that. he said that he would not negotiate with me because i don't have a vote. that was a dodge. one more town hall meeting that he alluded to and likely will be there. sean: joining us to discuss this is michele bachmann. i call her the second most hated republican woman in the country. that is a good position. welcome back to the show. >> always a thrill to be with you. thank you. sean: barney frank has a very safe district. the arrogance, the condescension, the battling with voters. something has changed and i cannot pinpointed. i have never seen voters attach to this way. >> members of congress are at home this august and they are having an opportunity to be able to actually hear from normal americans abo
paychecks. there's an $8 billion tax on people who use stuff in their health savings accounts for over the counter drug purchases. 2.5% tax on a health plan that is not acceptable by the government and $2 billion tax that all of us pay. sean: i want to talk about the political implications. look at harry reid's numbers. chris god is in trouble. governors corzine and paterson of new york, corzine is losing by a lot. bob mcdonald has a big lead. toomey is plipping the polls by 20 some odd points. do you think this holds, as time goes on or is this a short-term bump for the republicans? >> it has long-term ramifications. between now and november of 2010 is like several geology call ages will come and go between now and then. but it is a significant change and likely to remain because the administration in my opinion is not going to respond in a appropriate way. we'll have our first test in november in new jersey and virginia. and i suspect we will see republican pickups. sean: sign that for me. karl rove. thanks. it's the preliminary year of our "sleep-in panel." you get to sleep in on su
of independent nations. and i don't think rahm is quite use to the independence of the senators. sean: let me ask this because the dems are talking about dropping the public option. i agree with you it's very deceptive and we'll get to that in a minute. but, for example, ratting out their neighbors, the death panels they've gotten rid of. they've really pulled back -- go ahead. >> the death pan ems are not gotten rid of. there never is a panel that will say "die." sean: in provision 425 of the house bill. >> for counseling which isn't a bad idea. the point about these death panels is it you restrict the amount -- the lifesaving surgeries and you tell someone no, you can't have that bypass surgery, but i'm going to die if i don't have it, well, here's the aggressive counselor. that will happen. and whether they fund the grief counselor or the end of life counselor or not, the rationing will take place when they tell you no, you can't have the surgery because we have to give it to a 40-year-old illegal immigrant instead. sean: the problem is, it's not just the public option, and i'm trying to expla
. sean: the american people rise up against reform. >> you want us to believe a government that can't even run a cash for clunkers program is going to run a seventh of our economy? >> you will not see your income tax go up, your payroll tax go up, not one dime. sean: but all the president's men seem to disagree. get ready for a middle class tax hike. and who says sarah palin is a lot like maugesmauges? and does this old video reveal the president's true intents for health care reform? all that and more. as democrats arrive back home there are angry constituents mate -- waiting to greet them. they are voicing their opposition to government-run health care. that is our issue tonight. last week it was senator claire mccaskill's staff who got an earful at a town haul meeting. >> sean: well, yesterday the city of brotherly love didn't exactly live up to its namesake at a town hall meeting featuring senator arlen spector and health secretary kathleen sebelius. >> i look at this health care plan, i see nothing that is about health or about fair. what i see is a bureaucratic nightmare, sena
, and use this as a form of the ionization of the health-care industry that they have focused -- demonization of the health- care industry that they have focused on. does that concern new? >> yes. it is a case of double dealing. at the same time you have all waxman and nancy pelosi out there making these health insurers look like a demon. you have the obama administration with their hands out collecting money from that. table axelrod is one of many officials who has taken money from what they consider the evil drug industry and health insurance industry. a couple of weeks ago we talked about the health care czar. she was on the board of directors of many of these insurance firms and health-care companies. many have met in secret with the white house. eric holder, the current attorney general who made a lot of money representing the maker of oxycontin. who are the ones being paid? i would like robert gibbs to be indignant about questioning the motives of the people within his own administration who are taking this money. sean: very well said. i saw something on your website tha
, and denying we are one nation under god. >> we are not racist. we are not monsters. >> let us be independent. >> the government has plunged america from the number one nation to be number one in debt it nation on the planet. >> keep the government out of it. we are doing just fine. >> this is a vehicle. it is taking us down a path of total socialism. >> a new regime in washington would dismiss a nationwide grassroots uprising. >> [inaudible] >> if you want to be let out of here, you are welcome to go. >> i say to all of them, put your ear to the ground. a terrifying rumble is shaking this nation. listen to us, or your days are numbered. >> i want to speak my mind before i leave. >> i do not like being lied to and i do not like being lied about. >> i understand why people are angry. i am angry, too. >> across the nation, a giant is awakening that has never been defeated. that name is "we, the people." we are sleeping no more. >> we are tired of this. that is why everyone in this room is so ticked off. >> this happened in 1776 and it is happening again. americans are shouting in one voice. eno
respect, you work for us. sean: after a long summer recess, will they heed the warning from constituents or try to steamroll this bill through congress in the fall? if they do so, will do it at their peril because we, the american people are watching. >> leave us alone. would you leave us alone. sean: tonight, we will report on two patients whose stories we will follow throughout the show. the american health care system saved their lives you l, but would they have been so lucky under a different system. >> major general retired from the military as a two-star general in 2002. one year later, he went to the emergency room complaining of chest pains. >> i was there for many hours. they took blood and the whole works and they came up with the conclusion that well, we don't know what caused this. and it could be indifficult gegs. >> the general went to carlisle pennsylvania card yoolingist for a -- cardiologyist for a stress test. >> i was probably on the treadmill for no more than four minutes. and he says you have a little bit of a problem here. >> it was markedly abnormal and i was conce
that's it for us from the fox studios in new york. good night everybody have a good night everybody have a great week captioned by closed captioning services, inc. john mcca deal on colll >>> tonight the healthcare deal on capitol hill. senator john mccain joins me to respond. >> the cambridge police actedtl stupidly. >> cops are turning on president obama. former lapd detective mark fuhrman is >> congressman john conyers isn't doing his homework. >> anti obama protestors take to the streets in israel. all of that plus the great, great american panel and it starts right now. all right. we are three-days from the house's august recess and 8 days from the senate summer break. the clock is ticking and democrats have yet to produce the healthcare bill that president obama has demanded so they are doing what all responsible adults would do, making excuses. that is our headline this tuesday night shifting the blame. politico. com reports house speaker nancy pelosi is blaming insurance companies for her failure to get a healthcare bill through the house. house majority jim klein be
for passing the white house post a message. david axelrod used to run one of them. the details on the brewing scandal. >> [inaudible] sean: the head of that group now breaks his silence. >> the only things we need have a cost we cannot afford. a tax cut. i will cut taxes. cut taxes. that is right. a tax cut for 95% of all working families. sean: mr. president, nobody believes you. warren buffett says we need to come up with the cost. michelle malkin and our great american panel. democrats like barack obama and nancy pelosi have accused concerned citizens of being funded by special interests. they have made those accusations despite having no evidence. now, shocking details have been uncovered that revealed that the people actually profiting from this debate are high-profile members of their own party. that is our headline tonight. conflict of interest. according to an investigation by bloomberg news, a firm with ties to david axelrod has received upwards of $12 million to produce ads supporting the president's health-care plan. the company was headed by him until he departed to join the obama
so many launches. tell us about the difference between covering a daytime launch and a nighttime launch. >> they are all spectacular. i tell everyone that i know that if you have time, you can come up to this beach area and it is spectacular. it is so bright that the length of the flame is six times the length of the entire act shuttles back. what is the best aspect is that when you have a nice ocean breeze coming toward to because several seconds after launch, once the sound waves hit this area where we are, it gets so loud as the effects of the atmosphere and the humidity in the air are felt and heard by everyone around here there was a fill and drain valve that pushes the propellant. the space shuttle is gaining speed and heading into lower or early -- orbit and it will lot of the one day 3. if everything goes to plan, but everyone will land here at the end of the mission. >> thank-you for giving us the idea of what is going on at kennedy space center. we want to bring tom jones back into the picture. he is a former astronaut. you just watch that launch, one of the astronauts
these other people out there. and i think that they're beginning to realize that if they can't run over us, they're just going to lose. sean: do you think they realize that? >> yeah. i think what you're seeing is almost like back before they outlawed the flying wedge in football. what they're seeing now is they're trying to figure out how to form a wedge of every liberal in washington to try to run over the country before the next election, because they're beginning to realize that the more the country looks at their program, whether it's a giant energy tax increase, huge increase in spending, or a health bill that would centralize power in washington, the country's more and more opposed to them. and they don't want to change. for instance -- and it's the opens of what obama -- opposite of what obama campaigned on. it's almost like they're becoming more shrill as the american people react with greater anger. sean: it's very interesting, because the blue dogs want to be able to vote for the stimulus. they want to be able to vote for cap and tax, they want to be able to create all this debt
arkansas governor, mike huckabee is here with us. of course, host of "huckabee" right here on fox news channel. good to see you. this is interesting to me because we were -- we revised upwards the projections of the obama administration from $7 trillion today 9 trillion. >> each trillion is a million million. we have become numb to these figures but a billion is like a thousand million. a trillion is -- sean: go slow with this i can't even keep up with you. >> think about a millionaire times a million. and nine times more than that. sean: i keep using one phrase, unsustainable. i keep saying, we're not going to be able to do this. none of these numbers include health care. and we're talking -- they keep saying, $1 trillion for the first 10 years. what they aren't telling you is that the real cost will be in years 11 through 20, not years one through 10. sean: governor, i am by nature an optimistic person and i believe -- >> except when it comes to the obama administration. i don't think that optimism -- sean: i've been pretty accurate about obama. >> you actually have. i will have to c
they are consulting with us. i understand that people are always in favor of negotiations to try to reach a solution. i just don't believe right now the democrat proposal as we understand it as the negotiations are are going to succeed because the democrats having unavailable that you have to change the entire healthcare system in america. we are of the fundamental belief the quality of healthcare is the best in the world and you have to preserve it. the problem is the affordability availability not the quality. >> look at what democrats are talking about the various taxes they have at least thrown out there as a trial. the latest ones are for example plastic surgery which by the way probably that's going to impact both you and me oun the road. at least me for sure. they are talking about a soda tax, they are talking about taxing employer benefits, they are talking about a millionaire surcharge tax. the bottom line is they are talking about significant tax increases when the economy is in a slow down. what is your reaction of any of those tax increase proposals? >> my reaction is this is the worst t
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)